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UDONyaSAN – Japanese Udon Restaurant in Russia

We are the first Japanese Fast Food in Moscow without sushi or sashimi .
Udon , which we mainly deal Japanese traditional noodle – are more demanded recently among health-conscious consumers. Now we challenge to provide excellent service , product quality , speed including hospitality ,cleanliness and accuracy .

Udon Noodle Cuisine

In Japan, as in many other parts of Asia, noodle cuisine occupies a very important place in both the traditional and modern diets. The three most popular varieties of noodles are Ramen, a relatively recent adaptation of a Chinese noodle dish, Soba, made from buckwheat and wheat flour, and Udon, made from wheat flour.
Udon^s foots in Japan may be traced back over 1000 years to the early 9th century, when Kobo Daishi, one of Japan^s most revered scholars and Buddhist priests (who was born in Sanuki, Kagawa Prefecture), brought the method for making wheat-based noodles back from Tang-dynasty China.
Udon noodles are white and relatively thick (4mm-6mm), and are made by a special method of kneading purpose-grown wheat flour, salt and water . Udon can be served in many ways-either in a hot soup in winter or cold style in summer. Cold Udon is eaten by dipping the noodles into a thin sauce, called mentsuyu.

Udon and the Healthy Food Boom in Russia

The Russian and Japanese media spotlight has focused on Udon cuisine . WHY ? Particularly because of its nutritional qualities in an increasingly health-conscious marketplace. The noodles themselves have almost no fat, Trans-fat-free and are an excellent source of carbohydrates, while the accompanying soup or thin sauce and condiments offer an array of subtle flavors and healthy ingredients. These may include, among others, wakame seaweed, shrimps, vegetables and beef with carry sauce . Until the end of the year we are prepared our special offer – preschool-aged children are offered a special set meal for FREE.


MIB Ltd. was founded in December 2006 in Moscow city. Our shareholders has wide experience in restaurant business .
All of them are experts in franchisee and staff training.
In Russia we are creating the new image of fast food as a HEALTHY , speedy and high organized services in our restaurants.
Fast-food Udonyasan
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